Who Needs A Mentor?

We find mentoring to be a powerful tool in guiding us through life to help us make day to day decisions with school, work, social networks, and even parents and family. We help guide clients to have the life that they want and a life that they have always dreamed of. We ask every client, “what do you want” and then make a road map to get there.

Mentoring Can Help Facilitate Seeing Life Differently

We help our clients see the positives, negatives and consequences of the choices they make so they can develop an increased awareness and make healthier and more effective daily and life choices. Mentoring can also help you or your young person learn to make decisions from a place of neutrality rather than from an emotional state.

Do You or Your Young Person Need Help Learning to Implement Important Life and Organizational Skills or Living Life Fully Without Drugs and Alcohol?

Many people do well in counseling or treatment, but find it difficult to implement the skills learned into everyday life. If you’ve tried treatment or therapy for you or your child and want the progress made to be translated into real life, you may want to consider mentoring. We help put those skills into action, practicing them in life situations.

You may be wondering if mentoring is right for you or your young person, and still have questions and concerns…

My young person has already gone to treatment/therapy. Why would he or she need more?

Learning to translate the skills learned in therapy or treatment into the real world can be difficult. When the “container” is taken away, many young people have a hard time applying the skills they learned in treatment or therapy in everyday, real-life situations. Mentoring is a tangible way to bridge those gaps.

My young person has already gone to treatment/therapy. Why would he or she need more?

We offer guidance and instruction on life and organizational skills, helping with everything from job searching to learning to cook. It is our goal to develop a meaningful, unbiased relationship with our clients so they can move towards the life they want. As mentors, we are sounding boards and teachers, life skills and coping skills trainers, advocates, guiders, and advisers – we are the person walking right next to you every step of the way.

Questions? We are available to answer any questions you have about mentoring and how we can help you or your young person learn the life skills they need to succeed.