In my experience with treatment and seeking personal growth I have had good therapists and bad therapists, as hard as it is to say more bad therapists or counselors than good ones. Before meeting Victoria for the first time I had never had a “mentor” in the technical sense that she was not a therapist but more of a friend and guidance counselor than anything. In my opinion the reason that Victoria is so good at her job is because she is able to connect with the young adult she is working with. Another reason is her out there style and personality, she is not afraid to share her experiences, whether good or bad for the bettering of you. Personally I met with Victoria twice a week for almost 6 months and even though every time I dreaded going and sitting there with her discussing hardships with my family or talking about my grades in school, she was always there for me. Even though I would never admit this in person, because this is anonymous, she did help me change my view and outlook on life and my family drastically. Without her I sincerely believe my family and I would not be on talking terms.